High Touch Surface Sanitizer

Steam, UV and Disinfectant for the ultimate sanitation on hard touch surfaces.

High Temp 300-degree heat
UV light injection in the container means that the water or disinfectant in the bottle is sterilized even before it is used.  Then, more UV lights in the front further help in sterilizing the surface that you are cleaning
Disinfectant in the container
High-temperature disinfection technology: Solve all kinds of bacteria and viruses at home.
The new ABS plastic luxury disinfection sprayer Gun is beautiful, convenient, and practical. It uses the market-leading screen button upgrade system and also has automatic power-off protection.
– Multi-gear adjustment – 5 modes!
– Powerful cooling system.
– Large capacity water bottle.
– Five blue light beads.
disinfection sprayer Gun
High touch surface sterilization with UV light