Spray / Fogger

Sprays and Fogs

Makes applying disinfectant, prespray and protector a breeze.  Adjustable tips.  You can apply a chemical more evenly.  And, mist patterns so small that you can wet fog with it as well.  Please note: Due to the high volume of purchases, the sprayer manufacturer may differ from time to time.
Product Advantages:
-The biggest advantage of EASY-SPRAY sprayer over traditional methods is the speed.
-It is estimated to be 5-10x faster than a pump-up sprayer.
-Voltage: 120 volt
-Nozzle Size: White:1.5mm Black:1.8mm Red:2.2mm Blue:2.6mm. Smaller nozzles suitable for fogging.
-Flow Rate:1000ml/min
-Container Capacity:1000ml
-Power Cord Length: 2m (6.6 ft)
How to install this sprayer?
-Installing this sprayer is quite easy! Put the front body and the motor body together, Press the lock button and turn it right to lock the whole body.
-You should make sure you have enough paint available to finish the job you are about to start and have water or thinners nearby for thinning your material if required.
-Test it in a bag or on cardboard before use – testing the sprayer on either a large piece of cardboard or simply spraying into a bag until you are satisfied the sprayer is fully primed and no longer spitting.