About Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Description:
Bed Bugs are typically centralized in the bedroom; hiding in the creases of mattresses and in bedding. They travel on clothing, in luggage, or other personal belonging near a human food source. They can lay 1-5 eggs a day and live several months without eating. They do not typically carry diseases, but they are a nuisance. Simply vacuuming and washing linens is not enough to eradicate bed bugs. You need a professional service like MTB to first, effectively eliminate bed bugs from your entire house, and then provide regular service to ensure they don’t come back.

Bed Bug Prevention:
Change your bed linens frequently and inspect for blood spots and shed bed bug skins
When traveling, inspect the room first, especially the mattresses. Keep luggage off beds and away from walls
Closely inspect 2nd hand furniture or imported linens and fabrics
Seek professional treatment IMMEDIATELY if you suspect infestation